Bohemian Mountain

Le Grand-Bornand cultivates the art of getting out of the... framework. Alternative and full of audacity, an invitation for hipsters of all kinds to go green."

A journey through the art cow or the contemporary art "vachement" accessible!
Unique in the world, evolving, arty and offbeat as much as possible, the Parcours de l'Art Vache allows walkers to appreciate the hundreds of works, paintings and sculptures, permanently installed throughout the village, maintained and regularly renewed by professional and amateur artists from all over the world. A real open-air art gallery, for a new and offbeat vision of the ruminant "star" of Grand-Bornand.

"L'Esperluette": the meadow guinguette takes up its summer quarters!
The food truck fashion has lived, make way for the "traveling granary"! Last trendy address in Le Grand-Bornand born from the imagination of local artists led by the DJ 'Justin Losserand, we savor boards and fine recipes in short circuit assorted drinks of local design, casually placed on recycled and lending furniture listen to the DJ 'sets regularly animating the place ...

A visit... to Poterie Martin...
A discreet workshop, glass canopies with small tiles with a patina of decades, clay floor, old stove, centuries-old walls and framework - whose simple push on the heavy door heralds a beautiful journey back in time. That of the Savoyard master potters, whose art Edith and Patrick Martin perpetuate by giving just the right amount of nobility to their glazed earthenware pieces... Bowls with traditional motifs (peas, birds, floral decorations), pitchers, bowls and other utensils clutter up the rough wooden shelves, often drying boards of reblochon cheese recovered from the neighbouring farm. From turning to varnishing, via engobage, which consists of staining the clay into the mass before firing, a visit to the workshop allows you to learn all about the manufacturing process of these ultra-trendy and touchingly beautiful folk art objects.

Learn the art of pottery with your family, at the Prunier workshop.
A Savoyard tradition by excellence, pottery can be discovered all summer long in the form of workshops and other discovery courses involving parents and children from the age of 4, given by the ceramist Nadia Belfer. From her Provencal childhood with a father who was a ceramist, the artist, whose workshop occupies an adorable little house on the corner of the village square, has developed a style at Le Grand-Bornand that does not imitate any particular artistic movement and aims at the essential, the most natural expression... The program, therefore, includes turning, modelling, decoration with engobes then glazing... and the shared pleasure of leaving with a small object of her own creation.
At the saddler's, Didier plays hard to... leather...
Didier Perrillat is a local craftsman, a figure of the Grand-Bornand who perpetuates an ancestral know-how with the work of leather, using age-old tools. His workshop-boutique is located in one of the oldest chalets in the village. There isn't a Bornandin ski champion who hasn't been offered a bell with his name on it, the supreme reward, coming out of his workshop! As a perfect ambassador of a trade that has become rare, as much as of the beautiful work "made in France", Didier leads, around the stove, workshops to introduce people to leather work and contributes by his art - and his loquaciousness - to the preservation of a trade as noble as it is old. Manufacture and sale of regional and home-made handicrafts (handbags and travel bags, belts and bracelets, saddlebags, traditional games, etc...).


Seed… of mountain people, at the Guides school of Grand-Bornand
Touch an earthworm or count the feet of ants for the little ones, build your first mill on a stream, make a molding of animal prints or collect fossils for their elders: at the nature school, Le Grand-Bornand plays first in the class! So many memorable experiences open to 4-13 year olds as part of internships and outings accompanied by the Bureau des Guides des Aravis.
Go in exploration

In the warmth of the barn, the secrets of the reblochon farmer revealed...
2,000 cows for barely more inhabitants contribute, all year round, to making Grand-Bornand the leading production area for the famous round cheese with its smooth hazelnut flavour. The resort is also the leading agricultural commune in Haute-Savoie with around fifty farms in operation, and every Wednesday morning offers the last Reblochon market in the region. An institution dating from 1795... Every week, one of the many farms of Grand-Bornand opens its doors to the public. This is an opportunity to discover, in situ, the different stages of reblochon production. From milking the cows to maturing in the cellar, the "cream of cheeses" prized by hikers reveals the secrets of its flavour and inimitable texture during a final tasting with the producer.
Visit a farm

Visit A 400 Year Old Chalet... by the lantern!
Like more than 400 chalets in Grand-Bornand, the Maison du Patrimoine is an authentic farmhouse that has survived through the centuries, acquiring a patina that gives it its full cachet. The Maison du Patrimoine presents a collection of furniture, objects and costumes from yesteryear, skillfully staged... that can now be discovered by taking advantage of the very special atmosphere of a lantern-lit night visit. Between darkness and light, the crackling of the wood and the crackling of the fire in the fireplace, will you be able to find the date, hardly believable, engraved upside down on the oldest beam of the venerable residence? A clue... take the barn stairs!


Court Lake Festival: Tuesday 28 July and Tuesday 11 August 2020
A picnic in the middle of the mountain pastures, in the setting sun and with music... a "guinguette" atmosphere before going down to the village by torchlight. The opportunity to meet up to spend a pleasant moment by the water and enjoy the spectacular sunset from this viewpoint on the Bargy massif. It is not only in Annecy that people celebrate at the lake!

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