Cancellation insurance

Insurance « Cancellation – Interruption of stay* »  
GRITCHEN ASSURANCES Contract n° 7 906 132
Holidays in safe ! Injuries, disease, professional or family problems, damages or robbery in your house, transport accident… we refund the amount already paid.


Main Garantees
  • Cancellation because of an important medical event or a death (no fees)
  • Cancellation for any justified cause like refusal of vacation, burglary, an unexpected meeting during your stay, water damage, termination.... with a certificate mandatory (insurance fees: 20% of the total amount witha minimum of €75 per file)
  • Cancellation for lack or excess of snow : (insurance fees: 3% of the total amount witha minimum of €50 per file)
WARNING : If you interrupt your stay you need to leave the accommodation (keys must be return to the owner with an official document established from him). Interuption of all other services are not refunded if the accommodation is not leaved.

For more information, consult all the cancellation insurance official terms by clicking on the link below :
>> General Insurance Cancellation Terms of Assur'Lodge
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For your claims and all request of refund contact them by phone on 00332 486 593 95 or consult the website :
Snow Insurance - ARAVIS SECURITÉ

Available from the ski lifts counters at partner resorts, Aravis Sécurité will provide all the insurance and assistance coverage you need in order to practice snow sports with all the necessary peace of mind.

CAUTION, mountain rescuing is not free and is paid for by the injured. For informational purposes, below are the average prices of the various rescue and service types: • On track 280 € • track 650 € • Helicopter rescue 1500 €

Aravis Sécurité pays directly for all search and rescue cost as well as for medical repatriation. In the event the stay is cancelled (insurance taken out before the stay) the insurance will reimburse you for your RM pass or your Nordique access card and pre-paid and reserved ESF lessons.

If your stay is interrupted due to an accident, sickness, early return, the insurance will reimburse you for your RM pass or your Nordique access card and your ski lessons in proportion of the days that were not used.

>> "Aravis securité" insurance ticket is 21.60€ for 6 days
Rescue and medical inssurance + search, rescue and evacuation + refund of ski lessons and skipass (min. 2 days) + advantages in the ski resort

More information on this insurance : consult their website :